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Nikon D5100 Costumer Review

To purchase any goods, especially electronic goods we need to see references or reviews from other consumers, so we have little information and adjust it according to whether the product features with our needs.

Included in buying a camera, there are many cameras with different features on the market, we must be smart to choose who we buy the camera to suit our needs.

So does Nikon D5100 suits you? if you've done research and was convinced is suitable for you the Nikon D5100 Costumer Review are not in need anymore.

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By : Amy L Christensen

I got my D5100 with 18-55mm lens kit last night. I had previously tried the D3100 and returned it after having a little trouble focusing through live view (saw this also on a D5000) as well as not liking the quality and non-rotation of the display panel. I read much of the pre-release hype and hoped that this would be the one. The early pro reviews seem to indicate that you will be happier with a jump to the 5100 if you
can afford it and I agree.

I've had less than a day so far with it and I'm loving this one. I instantly felt comforable with it in my hand. It comes with a printed manual and pdf which is nice. I had a blast this morning shooting birds w/ the Nikkor 70-300 lens. I was surprised that I could even get some crisp, clear in-flight pictures. The whole rig just feels comfortable and the quality and rapid action of the sports mode are great for animal pics.

All of the pieces and software have worked right out of the box.

Very happy so far. I'm not a pro photographer but want to learn and this seems like a great match. Has many auto and manual modes.

I put some of my images from the first day up in the View and Share images section of this product page.
By : Jeffrey (Mason, TX United States)

I have been a retired SLR photographer for several years so the D5100 is my re-entry into DSLR. Previously, I had an N90s and one of the first digital Nikons; the D20. I have been shooting a Canon G10 for several years even doing some HDR with it. I've had the D5100 about a week and have shot a 100 photos on a variety of subjects - family, landscape, sunset, and macro - all with the 18-55 kit lens.

It shoots great! Detail is way better than I expected for a "consumer" model. Actually, I chose the D5100 because the quality of the pics was my foremost goal. It comes with the same 16mp chip as the D7000 for $400 less. I wanted to spend that money on glass. I've had almost no trouble figuring out how to set the manual controls and have had good luck with the SCENES modes for most shooting. (I haven't tried the EFFECTS and I'm not sure that I will - more of a Photoshop processing kind of guy). My biggest challenge has been getting correct focus as the camera tries to do way more than I'm used to and, if I have it in the wrong SCENE mode, there's no telling what might happen. The dancing yellow squares on the face recognition function is a little disconcerting. I have also had to learn patience as the VR function is nice but a little slow when handheld. I have learned to leave it off until I really need it.

I think that most of the professional reviewers overstate the weaknesses of many of the products out there and the D5100 is no exception, maybe because it's hard to difference a crowded competitive product line. At any rate, here is my take on some of the deficiencies. First, the location of the LiveView button work great for me. Because it is a lever rather than a button it is easy to locate and use without moving my hand on the grip. Another complaint has been the lack of an ISO button. I do prefer buttons over menus but there are too many functions which I would like to have on a button that there wouldn't be room for all of them. I programmed the fn button (which is done easily in the menus) to allow me to control the ISO. It works well both when I'm working through the viewer or the display screen. I will agree with complaints that the fn button is too close to the flash button. I've inadvertently mixed them up and it cost me a pic or two. However, I only need to make that kind of mistake a couple of times before learn to avoid the problem.

The rear screen is great...very high resolution. The zooming function works well and I have been able to check image focus easily. The side tilt is very elegant and I like that if flips to protect the screen when not in use.

I'm not much of a videographer but I did shoot some video and the image quality if fantastic. I put it on my TV and the quality was great. The focus works pretty well although you can see it occasionally get behind for a few seconds for quick moving subjects - like cars and kids. The microphone isn't worth much so it may be worth investing in the add-on microphone for more serious video projects.

All in all, the quality and fit of the camera is very good in spite of being made from plastic. i wouldn't want to drop it or the lens for that matter - they are not made like my old N90s or my 70-200 f2.8 but, on the other hand, I won't won't miss the extra 5 lbs. of weight because this camera is LIGHT! It is small but fits the hand well and is joy to carry around.

To summarize: As you would expect from a Nikon, great photos; as good as the D7000 (according to dpreview) and $400 less. Easy to use, light, good manual control, and good assisted control through scenes. The D5100 is a good choice if you are looking for high quality images without all the bells and whistles of the D7000.

No "cons" except don't drop it...probably won't survive! Battery life isn't great either (I tend to use the display and LiveView a lot) so I've already invested in a backup battery.
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