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Specifications FinePix Real 3D W3

3D Capture HD movies and still photos. Shoot high-resolution 3D images and movies is easy with Auto 3D. The REAL 3D W3 FinePix digital camera is equipped with two 10-megapixel sensor and two Fujinon 3x optical zoom lens.

Set-up allows you to capture high-definition, high-resolution images and movies in 3D with ease, simply by selecting the Auto 3D. What's more, your memories will be taken with stereo sound audio in movie mode.

Two sets of lenses that work in the same way as the human eye. Our ability to see the depth comes from seeing the object along two different lines of sight. Phenomenon is called parallax.

The FinePix Real 3D W3 is equipped with two lenses to capture realistic images that do not change the way the human eye sees them. Both 3x optical zoom lens captures the subject of beautiful, even from a distance. Newly developed stainless steel frame to maintain the camera optical axis with high precision.
FinePix REAL 3D Technology pioneers a new dimension in imaging

Fujinon Lens - Two Sets of Lens that Work in the Same Way as Human Eyes
3D CCD System - Natural Sense of Depth with Synchronized Control of Two CCDs
RP (REAL PHOTO) Processor - New REAL PHOTO Processor 3DHD
Advanced 2D Mode
Tele/Wide Simultaneous Shooting
2-Color Simultaneous Shooting
2-Sensitivity Simultaneous Shooting
Intuitive Interface & Operation

Introducing easy to navigate interface and smooth operation for a better 3D / 2D shooting experience.

Design & Interface
One-hand grip slim design; featuring grip parts, this body delivers you the utmost grip comfort when shooting and opening the barrier with one hand.

Sliding Barrier
With a sliding barrier protecting the lenses, the camera is designed for ease of operation.

One-touch 3D/2D Switch
Control button for one-touch switching between 3D and 2D shooting and playback

Mode Dial
Smooth mode dial control can easily be done when choosing for the right shooting mode.

Slim Body
Designed with the smart look, this compact slim body allows mobility and convenience.

Playback Function
Featuring an innovative 3D viewing LCD monitor, you can playback the results both in 3D and 2D right on the spot.

Micro Thumbnail View
Up to 100 pictures can be viewed at a time in a 10x10 array of micro thumbnails. Convenient for smooth and comfortable playback.

Bring your photos to life! Close-ups of detected faces are shown in slideshow style.

3D File Format
For 3D image recording, the FinePix REAL 3D system adopts the MP format for stills and 3D-AVI format for movies. MP format is the "multi-picture format" standardized by CIPA. FinePix REAL 3D W3 can also simultaneously record still images in both MP format (3D) and JPEG (2D). 3D-AVI adopts the widely used AVI multimedia container format. Adoption of these formats enables 2D playback of recorded images on the user's current personal computer.

SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot
The versatile card slot is compatible with SD and high-capacity Secure Digital (SDHC) memory cards.

Expanded World of "View 3D"

3D excitement begins the moment you see the stunning form and builds as you experience the innovative interface.

3.5-inch Widescreen 3D LCD Monitor
See your 3D movies and photos with the naked eye The large 3.5-inch LCD screen displays high-resolution, high-contrast 3D images and movies without the need for glasses. See it in all its glory with your own eyes!

Lenticular Lens System
Fujifilm's unique 3D monitor enables you to enjoy 3D images just with your naked eyes. The Finepix REAL 3D W3 uses an array of microscopic concave lenses to produce binocular disparity. This technology prevents on-screen flickering and crosstalk.

Images come to life on the bright LCD display
High Luminosity Mode displays images 1.5x* brighter and reproduces color 1.8x* deeper allowing you to enjoy clear, distinct and vivid images.
* Compared to previous models.

High-resolution 1.15 million dot LCD
3D images are shown on a high resolution 1.15 million dot LCD. The LCD ensures perfect portrayal of fine detail and color.

Crisp 3D Shots with Low Crosstalk
Enjoy natural, effective 3D images with reduced "crosstalk" (or double exposure) which is typically present in 3D images.

Simply connect with HDMI cable to enjoy HDTV-quality images
Simply connect your W3 camera to a 3DTV using a HDMI cable* and sit back and enjoy all your photos and home movies in amazing high definition 3D!

* Commercially available HDMI cable (high speed type) required.

High Resolution 3D Print System
Try out Fujifilm's 3D printing system which prints 3D images directly on to special lenticular sheets. The result is photos with spectacular depth, and memories preserved in beautiful 3D.

Edit your 3D Images on MyFinePix Studio
Edit your 3D images using the MyFinePix Studio software* included. You can separate 3D photos in to left/right still images and re-combine them. You can also trim and combine your 3D movies quickly and easily.
* Please ensure you have completed automatic update of the latest version (ver.2.0 or higher).

Shooting Features

Shoot 2D/3D Hybrid
The FinePix REAL 3D W3 comes loaded with a variety of functions for both 3D and 2D.

Switch 3D/2D Button
You can still capture normal photos in 2D with this camera. Just press the 2D-3D button to toggle between the two settings. 2D/3D button can also be used in "Playback" mode.

Manual Shooting Functions
Choose "M" (Manual) Mode for the freedom to set shutter speed and aperture. Get instant control of depth of field in "A" (Aperture Priority) Mode. With the built-in "P" (Program) Mode, the camera automatically sets the shutter speed and aperture value. Take the shot you want, whether it is in 2D or 3D.

Super Intelligent Flash
This advanced flash system automatically adjusts flash output and timing to capture subjects and background in bright natural detail over the full flash range. No more flash washout even when taking ultra close-up shots.
* Macro can be set at 38cm in 3D mode and 8cm in 2D mode.

3D/2D Continuous Shooting
Never miss the moment capturing the scene in continual frames.

3D: 2 frames / sec. max 40 frames (size S)
2D: 1 frame/ sec. max 40 frames (size L), 3 frames / sec. max 40 frames (size S)
Mode Dial and Scene Position
Easy-to-select Mode Dial and Scene Position. Just select the Scene Position (SP) that matches the subject and situation. The camera automatically optimizes every setting from shutter speed and white balance to sensitivity and even selects whether or not the flash is required. Moments are captured with the best possible results for both 2D and 3D photos.

Mode Dial Settings
  • AUTO: The easiest mode for taking pictures. Use this mode for ordinary photography. Scene Position: Choose a SP scene suited to the subject or shooting conditions and the camera will do the rest.
  • Manual: Provides detailed settings that are impossible to set in Auto mode.
  • Aperture Priority Auto: An automatic mode to set the aperture.
  • Program Auto: An automatic mode to specify the settings except for the shutter speed and aperture setting.
  • Adv. 2D: Simultaneously captures one set of the following 3 shooting types: Wide angle / zoom, standard / black & white, or high sensitivity / low sensitivity photos.
  • Adv. 3D Shooting: Automatically takes successive shots with a press of a single shutter.
  • Scene Positions for Every Moment
  • Natural Light & with Flash: Shoots 2 images continuously, without flash and with flash. Comes in great handy during marginal shooting situations.
  • Natural Light: Produces beautiful images that retain the natural ambience when shots are taken in low-light conditions.
  • Portrait: Set for shooting portraits. Skin tones are softened as it enhances the overall natural look.
  • Landscape: Best for shooting scenery in daylight capturing clear and sharp shots of buildings and mountains effectively.
  • Sport: A quick recognition of persons in motion or objects for a faster shutter speed to help you catch the perfect moment.
  • Night: Mode for shooting evening and night scenes. A picture is taken with a slow shutter.
  • Night (Tripod): Clear shots of twilight scenes using tripod.
  • Sunset: Capture sunset scenes vivid in color.
  • Snow: Most adaptable to snow scenes without unnatural darkened images or where the whole screen appears white.
  • Beach: Clear shots of people without darkened images under strong sunlight.
  • Underwater: Best for shooting underwater capturing clear images of the ocean blue.
  • Party: Best for shooting indoor weddings or parties. Retains the natural ambience in low-light conditions.
  • Anti Blur: Gives blur free results by preventing camera shake on moving subjects.

Specification Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Photographers looking for an easy-to-use camera that will help them create their next masterpiece need look no further than the Canon 18MP EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm IS II Digital Camera Kit.

Featuring Canon's newest DIGIC 4 Image Processor and an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor - plus cutting-edge technologies like Full HD video recording, Live View shooting, Wireless flash photography and even a Vari-angle 3.0-inch LCD monitor - the EOS Rebel T3i offers the best of EOS photography in a compact package. Order the Canon 18MP EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm IS II Digital Camera Kit today!

18.0 MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4 Image Processor for high image quality and speed.
ISO 100 - 6400 for shooting from bright to dim light.
Improved EOS Full HD Movie mode with manual exposure control, expanded recording with new Movie Digital zoom
Vari-angle 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor (3:2) for shooting at high or low angles and 1,040,000-dot VGA with reflection reduction
New Scene Intelligent Auto mode and Picture Style Auto incorporating the new EOS Scene Detection System
And Video Snapshot features for enhanced video shooting options.

High Resolution Still Capture
18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor and DIGIC 4 Image Processor for high image quality and speed.

DIGIC 4 Image Processor

Amazing Results, No Matter the Light.
ISO 100 – 6400 (expandable to 12800) for shooting from bright to dim light.

HD Dreams Come True.
Improved EOS Full HD Movie mode with manual exposure control, expanded recording [1920 x 1080 Full HD video at frame rates of 30 (29.97), 24 (23.976) and 25.0 frames per second] with new Movie Digital zoom and Video Snapshot features for enhanced video shooting options.

Three Recording Sizes

Low Angles or High, a Big Vari-angle LCD Captures All the Details.
Vari-angle 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor (3:2) for shooting at high or low angles and 1,040,000-dot VGA with reflection reduction using multi coating and high-transparency materials for bright and clear viewing.

Automatic Scene Analysis for Standout Color.
New Scene Intelligent Auto mode and Picture Style Auto incorporating the new EOS Scene Detection System to capture beautiful scenes with ease.

Intelligent Scene Analysis for Superb Exposure.
Enhanced metering with a 63-zone, Dual-layer metering system for accurate metering between exposures, and 9-point AF system utilizing a high precision, f/2.8 cross-type center point.

Make Your Images As You See Them.
Express your creativity with advanced imaging features like Basic+ function, Multi-Aspect function and Creative Filters.

Shoot by ambience selection

Shoot by lighting or scene type

Never Miss a Moment.
3.7 fps continuous shooting up to approximately 34 JPEGs or approximately 6 RAW.

Photography Made Truly Easy.
New Feature Guide offers short descriptions of each function and Quick Control screen for easy operation.

Flexible Storage with Memory Cards.
Compatibility with SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards.

The Best Optics for the Best Images.
Compatible with the full line of Canon EF and EF-S lenses.
Flash Photography

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Sony HDR FX1000 Make A Nice Video

Sony HDR FX1000 is the latest camcorder type manufactured by Sony Corporation. With a variety of interesting features, users can make videos for special events easily, unlike along time ago the user was dominated by professionals and filmmakers only.

The term camcorders is the unity camera and video recorder.Camcorder are minimalist and compact, plus features and functions that are easy to operate so that users can create videos that profesional do.How to make nice video :

First, Use a tripod to keep the stability of the camcorder so that it can produce nice video. Even though the camcorder has a built-in image stabilization.

Second, Use enough hdr fx1000 light, especially when recording indoors, for example by opening the windows, turn on the lights, and use the built-in light on the camcorder. take natural light if recording outdoors. when the sun is not too high, It Should be done in the morning or late afternoon.

Third, adjust the composition before recording, note the position of the subject and background, whether already in accordance with the desire. make a record as well as being photographed. use The Rule of Thirds for guiding. Imagine the screen is divided into vertical field and three horizontal. Make sure the subject which will be recorded at one of the four crossing point between the horizontal and vertical lines. This will create a more dynamic appearance, especially when we record a video interview or doing close-up.

Fourth, one mistakes, video is recorded too long time or too fast. Record your subjects for 10-20 seconds, stop and take another photo. When doing panning and zooming, do it smooth, slowly and unhumed. a video viewing will be created.

Fifth, the Video Recordings Video should be a good story must have a complete story line, that is an opening, contents and cover. t should go before making a recording,make a plan whal will be done in the form of a simple storyboard.

Take care of the camcorder Sony HDR FX1000 regularly.Clean lens and a screen with a special soft cloth. Avoid from, heat,water, sand and moist air. And place it in a safe place to keep from falling. If damaged, immediately fixed hdr fx 1000 in formal repair services.

Review Canon Digital Rebel XSi

With its long-running Rebel series of consumer DSLRs, Canon has earned a reputation for cranking out new models on a consistent timetable that are rarely revolutionary, and yet often set the pace for the entry-level market nonetheless.

There is some heavily hyped technology – including live view and a newly developed 12.2 megapixel CMOS sensor – in the new Canon Rebel XSi, but for the most part, the new Rebel looks to be yet again an incremental upgrade to the XTi platform it supplants.

Sitting somewhere between the basic "true entry-level" models and advanced-amateur cameras like Canon's own Canon EOS Rebel Xsi, the XSi continues to push the resolution envelope, reprises the XTi's well-regarded auto focus system, and at once offers more custom functions and advanced control for the serious photographer and a fairly mature live view implementation aimed to entice shooters to step up from compact point-and-shoots.

As one of the undisputed market leaders, expectations are always high for Canon, but early murmurs significant improvements to the formula of Rebelde, in addition to performance-class sensor, which is served in the same list price that previous generation XTi XSi seemed more promising as a carrier of new consumer digital SLR quality standard in the world.

The Canon Rebel XSi (a.k.a. the Canon EOS 450D) is Canon's latest mass-consumer DSLR, moving into the company's lineup one step above the current Rebel XTi. Continuing in the tradition of the Digital Rebel cameras, the XSi features a proprietary CMOS sensor with an effective 12.2 megapixels of resolution, making it Canon's most high-res entry-level offering to date. The XTi's nine-point auto focus system returns with some slight tweaks, and the new Rebel gets an enormous 3-inch LCD.

LCD is particularly significant because the new XSi camera Unknown is also the first Canon entry-level sport of Live View system that allows the screens used in the composition of. The XSi's live view implementation moves beyond the basic with the addition of a contrast-detection AF mode that allows the camera to auto focus without interrupting the on-screen preview to do so – a feat not possible in the first generation of live view DSLRs.

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Review Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

This is a point and shoot camera class, if you understand that entrance, you will be more than impressed with it. I'm going from the SD630 and hands down, this beats it. I even have a SX210IS and images are equivalent, if not better. I must return my SX210IS because it has a problem with dust on the image sensor and I have been waiting for a new class of P & S to exit. I bite this bullet, well, a black version of the Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 1080p Full HD Video (Black) and what can I say - I'm happy!

300HS VS 500HS:

There 500HS version of the camera, which is about $ 50 more. For now, the only difference I can say is the LCD on the back. The 500HS is a touchscreen all (there is no tactile buttons) and 300HS has a 2.7 "non-touchscreen with a key. If at some point this change, I will definitely update this review.

Form Factor / Display:
Small. Awesome. There is texture on the camera, I really like this when it seems like it would help if your hands are wet (sweat, snow, etc.). Easy to operate one hand, and if you use both hands, flash is not in that horrible place. Display is very bright and the buttons seem intuitive as with other Canon cameras. The battery and SD under the door, USB and HDMI on the side of a closed port. Equipped with wrist strap if you want extra security.

Boot Time / Software:
The camera is ready to take pictures very quickly. From the moment you press the button, it's pretty much set to catch the action. The time between images is not terrible (about 1.5 seconds) and if you need it, there is continuous capture mode. Is there a problem with the Canon software in Windows 7. I've been using Canon Photo Window imports for a while, does a good job to get the photos from the camera without duplicates. I use Picasa to then manage my photo library (I'm past the Zoom Browser, but it's really not bad if you want to use it, I'm just a slave to your Google / gmail)

Computer Connectivity:
I do not find this anywhere in the specification, so if you are looking for, the camera uses mini-USB connector, similar to all Canon who have come out over the last few years.

Optical Zoom:
You will be impressed with this camera form factor and it 5x OPTICAL zoom. I quickly turned off as a 12.1MP Optical + 5x digital zoom will make you very close to the action. You better digitally enhance photos later.

Battery + Memory Card:
This use-NBL 4 (once again, I found out about this confusion and accessories) - so if you have several of them put around to keep them because they will work well in this camera. This is nice as my SD630 uses 4-NBL so now I have 2 + 3 battery charger. It took my 32GB SDHC with no problems whatsoever and holds thousands of images. Images tend to be between 2 and 3MB on the highest setting.

Image Quality:
Look, I do not have a photo fanatic, I do not expect anyone to buy this camera. I am looking for solid and camera images are provided. There are a ton of features you can learn and I am sure they are good. It has a manual mode, so if you like it, you can go down that road. But I'm the type of person who knows when something looks good, OK or greater. This camera consistently give a BIG picture. I'm happy with low light and blurred picture or a rough (within reasonable expectations).

FINALLY! Optical zoom on the Canon for the video! 1080p bring this camera up to par with others in its class and do a decent job. I do not see a big sound when sliding in and out while recording video. I know this is why Canon has been used in the past for why they do not have this feature. It shoots nice clip for those times faster. This is NOT going to replace the DV cam is true, but hey, to clip a few minutes here and there, you will not be disappointed.

Review Fujifilm FinePix XP10 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera

Fujifilm FinePix XP10, newly available in April 2010, is a stylish ultra-compact camera is small, invite you to have fun outdoors while taking a picture. This:

- It is water resistant to 10 ft below the water, suitable for swimming pools, beach, snorkeling (note: do not use in hot water!)
- It is shockproof up to 3 ft, great for jogging, biking, or even allow your baby to learn to take pictures
- It is frozen down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius)
- It's dustproof
- Having a 12.2 effective megapixel
- It has 5x optical zoom and is equipped with Fujinon lenses for great clarity; lens focal length 36-180mm on a 35mm film camera terms
- Taking 720p widescreen, VGA or QVGA video
- Can the optical zoom in video mode (but see note below on the audio recordings)
- Very small and weighs only slightly more than 5 oz. with battery and SDHC card
- Using SDHC memory card, no more xD championed by Fuji and Olympus

XP10 I bought a green because I like to spend time in the water. I found that, outside the room during the day, XP10 take a picture with very good clarity and excellent color saturation and contrast. Using a fill-in flash in daylight really improve the picture. In the room, because of lack of XP10 legendary Fuji SuperCCD technology, image quality is average compact camera or a super-compact. He has two modes of natural-scene where it increases the ISO (light sensitivity of the image sensor) at the expense of increased noise. I bought my XP10 to be used outdoors, in the pool and the beach, so I do not take pictures in the room a lot.

Video shooting in 720p subtle results, clear HD movie clips. BTW, the video size is only limited by the FAT32 file size limit of 2GB - this means that even if you pop in a 16GB SDHC card, the longest video clip can only go up to 2GB in file size, because of limits imposed by the FAT32 file system. Video is recorded as a motion JPEG in AVI container, so that can be played on many, many devices, at the expense of file size slightly larger than a more compact format such as MPEG-2 or MPEG-4.

Although you can zoom optics - features that every digital camera should have - the volume level of audio recordings revealed during zooming. Instead, the camera takes a few votes from the mechanism that controls the lens and the noise around you want to record sound, which can be annoying when played back on a big TV. I suggest to use the zoom sparingly during video mode. If you want to record great video on a compact digital camera, you should get a Sony or Canon or Panasonic camera (ready to pay more for the water resistant feature, though).

Anyway, my sample video clips show how the camera works under water. Video resolution is set to QVGA (320x240) for easy upload to Amazon, but you should be able to see the remarkable clarity both in and out of the water.

In short, the XP10 is a big waterproof, shockproof camera that every fan of the water should be brought along to record the fun memories.

Technical Details
  • large 12-megapixel resolution quality, photo-prints
  • Four-Way protection: waterproof, frozen, shockproof and dustproof
  • Periscopic Fujinon 5x optical zoom lens with lens reinforced protective barrier
  • Capture movies in 720p with a voice
  • Movie Editing Mode and Blog mode; Facebook / YouTube Automatic web upload function for images

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Best Of The Best Interchangeable Lenses Of Sony NEX-VG10 Professional Camcoder

In September 2010 Sony has announces product a newest camcorders, Sony make changes on digital camcorder technology because the lens can be replaced or moved to a model of the Sony DSLR NX series with Sony lenses Nex-3 and Nex-5.

Camcoder Sony Nex-VG 10 has a dimension of 85x130x223 weighing 620g,Full 1920x1080 HD video is captured at 30p (29.97p) and recorded in AVCHD 60i (59.94i) at up to 24Mbps and capture still images with a 14MP resolution,has a mounting for the 18-299mm lens with 11x zoom, BIONZ processor. Various other includes just like Optical Steadysot,SEVERAL in . tv screen, ISO 12 800. With regard to backup employing Memory Stick Pro Duo as well as SD-SDXC.. Additionally, a camera mount adapter may be purchased which allows the use of a wide variety of A-mount lenses, currently found on Sony DSLR cameras

The resulting footage is nothing short of stunning. The visual quality and color reproduction is excellent and to achieve such high quality, the NEX-VG 10 utilizes an Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor that measures 23.4 x 15.6mm, approximately 19.A FEW moments bigger than those found in typical camcorders.. Never before carries a consumer-class cam corder individual enjoyed that usefulness built in within getting the capacity to replace out your own ordinary lens for any macro, fisheye as well as whatever occurs agree with your own resourceful needs..

A substantial sensor similar to this allows more gentle in order to get into, causing a magnificently trifling level associated with domain.. A shallow depth of field allows you to de-emphasize, or blur, certain portions of the image in order to place greater emphasis on that portion which remains in sharp focus. This potential leads to significantly for you to obtaining this film-like level of quality inside our video clip production this hence many people are searhing for.. This feature alone is a big win, particularly for a consumer class. camcoder Sony Handycam Nex-VG10 be marketed with priced at $ 2000.

Review Canon SD 780IS

The PowerShot SD780 IS Digital ELPH contains a 3x optical zoom lens that can provide the power to shot distant subjects along with sharp precision and lifelike colour.

The purpose of Canon’s Optical Image Stabilizer Technology is usually to prevent your pictures by blurry and also fuzzy shot considering that,this technology could diagnose automatically (even when zoomed in) coming from camera shake. Plus it works fully together with or without a flash.

HDTV using a mini-HDMI connector regarding direct connection to a high-definition monitor,it’s attainable too, in this camera.Utilizing high definition (1280 x 720 pixels),for recording your unique moments. It is also be able to display up to 130 still images at once.HD experience through this camera can be functioned devoid of degradation of image or audio within the signal.

This canon sd 780,working with Advanced technology to considers your circumstance and shooting circumstances. 18 specially well-defined settings, can detect immediately on this technology.

Canon’s PureColor LCD II delivers spectacular color, resolution as well as contrast deemed even at an position. Framing the shots by having a large 2.5-inch LCD screen for incredible control. The screen is hugely everlasting along with easy to see in any light having a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating.Actually has night display for easy viewing low light.

Canon’s Technologies in Powershot SD 780 IS

Face Detection Technology featured together with DIGIC 4 image processor, designed to get greatest result for every single face within the pictures.Pertaining to realignment of focus and accuracy together with exposure and also white balance Digic 4 Image Processor works with ISAPS Technology.

With A Face Detection Self-Timer will automatically detecs a number of faces which a rise and try to make appropriate adjusments.This example of this feature is when photographer’s face include in the picture.Why?Due to the fact this A Face Detection Self-Timer features Motion Detection tracks which could do with moving subjects,and Servo AF retains focus on a moving subjects.

While using i-Contrast (Intelligent Contrast Correction) system, to enhance areas on main subject in the picture plus leaving bight areas unrevised.And let the picture look all-natural for improved images.Playback mode in i-Contrast are able to use to adjust picture after you have a shot.

To get rid of red eye onto your picture just use Red-eye Correction function to eliminate red eye during in flash picture.That functionon Canon Powershot SD780, are generally set inevitably to identify while image playback,even the picture is already taken,this feature can identifies and corrects red-eye in human subjects.It functions too on LCD screen,during image playback in a scene plus command the camera to eliminate it.

What's within the Pack

· PowerShot SD780 IS Digital ELPH body

· Lithium-ion battery pack (NB-4L)

· Battery charger (CB-2LV)

· Wrist strap (WS-DC7)

· Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM

· USB interface cable (IFC-400PCU)

· AV cable (AVC-DC400)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review Panasonic TM700

The Pananasonic TM-700 HD Video camera is an awesome camera. detail and quality of the video is very good. regular auto setting of this camera can handled low light situations perfectly. The 5.1 surround sound mic is a fun asset to have.. especially if you will play and watch the video by using surround sound system.

One of the best features is the wide angle zoom lens. It has a 35mm (equivalent) angle of view when set to its widest setting. The lens will zoom out to 12X, or you can set it to zoom to 18X with no loss of quality.

The TM700 has two view finders. On a bright sunny day, you might want to use the eyepiece view finder instead of the LCD screen. Now you got a choice to choose. Many manufactures are leaving the eyepiece viewfinder off camcorders these days. This is a very nice plus, considering the camera sells for less than $1,000.

Panasonic hdc tm700 is also sticking with its 3MOS system, and each of the three CMOS sensors remains 1/4in in size with a gross 3.05-megapixels apiece. However, a smidgen more interpolation boosts still image resolution to 14.2-megapixels, up from the 10.6-megapixels offered by the previous generation.

The HDC-TM700’s sister-model, the HDC-HS700, should have similar performance to the TM700, as the main differences between the two camcorders are price, size, and storage media. The HDC-HS700 retails for $1399 and records to a huge, 240GB internal hard drive (as well as having a memory card slot).

The 35mm wide-angle lens on the HDC-TM700 fits more people and more of the background into the frame than a conventional 44.9mm lens. This is especially handy when you want to take a group photo in a small room.

*35mm-lens equivalent

On paper, Panasonic didn’t disappoint by including Intelligent Resolution technology (digital zoom with optical zoom quality), facial recognition, 35mm wide-angle Leica lens, 3-inch LCD screen, and 1080p at 60 frames per second (fps) recording mode.

Review Sony Handycam HDR-FX1000 Camcorder

Camcorder is designed recorder . Camcorder vieo camera once more compact and minimalist, plus features and functions that are easy to operate so that users can create videos that profesional. Sony HDR FX1000 Camcorder is the newest type manufactured by Sony Corporation.

Sony HDR FX1000 is equipped with several facilities for active videographer. Besides the LCD, there is an electronic viewfinder with 0.45-inch pixel resolution of 1.227 million. Audio feature does not mean large. There is a built-in stereo mic, a single stereo input 1/8th-inch, cold accessory shoe, and some external audio controls. In particular, there is no audio input XLR.

FX100 is a handheld design, not the shoulder-mounted. This may be enough to deter some users from the beginning, especially pros who need the stability and comfort of a larger body. Even for those shooters, FX1000 could prove valuable as a camera-B or to get a unique angle shoulder of the mountain can not be (a nice 3.2-inch, 921 000-pixel LCD works well for that very purpose). For them stepped into the class of professional equipment for the first time, be prepared for significant weight FX1000 (4 pounds, 9 ounces).

Resolution video in bright light, but good enough and outperformed the Canon XL H1A. In low light, noise and color of the best performances. Sensitivity (the amount of light needed to image the light) is not useful. In bright light, good color accuracy score, but not outstanding. We saw some oversaturation in the green and red and magentas. Noise level is also good, although there was some disappointment in the fact that the FX1000 offers noise reduction there is no manual control to prevent it off.

If you are researching the Camcorder, you might also consider step-up Sony HVR-Z5U. With a similar construction, the Z5U has an audio option is more professional and fine tuning the orientation manual control. One important upgrade is that the sensor, while the same measure 1/3-inch, the original progressive CMOS chip in Z5U. Other comparisons camcorders including Canon XL H1A and H1A XH, shoulder-mounted and handheld HDV camcorder from Canon, respectively. Our test of the XL H1A showed better performance in most areas, with the FX1000 taking the best in the resolution.

Overall, the HDR FX 1000 is a good camcorder for student film-makers, a serious enthusiast, or pro cam takes a serious budget. For what it lacks in the audio options, it makes for a solid array of manual controls and measures the relative comparative.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Review Canon Powershot A3300 IS

Canon constantly come to be the quantity 1 in digital camera. Now canon released a new series of powershot model.

Canon PowerShot A3300 IS 16.0 MP Digital Still Camera with 5x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom. With the PowerShot A3300 IS digital camera, dramatic, private photos have in no way been simpler to shoot and share. This 16.0 Megapixel camera lets you produce impressive large pictures of household and close friends you will be proud to display.

The high-resolution pictures taken by the PowerShot A3300 IS may be enlarged as much as 13? x 19?. The PowerShot A3300 IS has a 5x wide Optical Zoom lens (35mm film equivalent: 28-140mm) that let you capture up-close and memorable images.

Capturing high-resolution, nonetheless pictures and optically stabilised 720p HD video, the Canon A3300 IS offers an exceptionally easy-to-use, flexible and terrific value choice for those that want to relive their very best moments in incredible detail. Succeeding the A3000 IS at the top of the PowerShot A-series, the Canon PowerShot A3300 IS is slim and stylish, having a solid metal chassis that reflects the enduring, robust performance assured by all Canon products.

Item Attributes
• 16.0 megapixels, with a 5x wide-angle optical zoom (28mm wide) with optical image stabilizer
• Record films with 720p HD video
• Large, clear three.0-inch LCD
• Smart Auto intelligently selects settings from 32 predefined shooting situations
• Discreet Mode disables the sound, flash and AF beam for use in quiet locations

Canon PowerShot A3300IS camera technologies

Thanks to enhanced integrated i-Contrast and Intelligent Flash Exposure functions, Intelligent Auto captures subjects within the most effective feasible detail, decreasing the occurrence of harsh shadows and over-exposed highlights. Motion Detection Technology also senses camera or topic movement, automatically selecting the optimum combination of shutter speed and ISO sensitivity for sharp, low noise outcomes.

Even challenging situations, including subjects illuminated with powerful spotlights or backlit subjects, may be automatically detected and optimally captured making use of Wise Auto mode.
The Canon PowerShot A3300 IS makes it less complicated for everyone to capture fantastic still pictures to mark an occasion, a particular moment or an exciting adventure. The Canon A3300 IS provides the latest version of Canon’s Intelligent Auto mode, which instantly evaluates each shooting scenario against several elements, grouped in 32 detectable scenes, and then automatically adjusts the camera settings to capture the scene as intended, without requiring any input from the photographer.

Ideal for capturing the action, Intelligent Auto combines Face Detection Technologies using the most recent Advanced Topic Detection technology, permitting it to identify and lock onto each human and non-human moving subjects inside the scene. Once identified, Servo AF/AE guarantees the subject remains in concentrate and well-exposed, right up till the shutter release is fully pressed and also the image is recorded.

Canon PowerShot A3300 IS presents Reside View Control

For users who like the freedom to produce image adjustments without having extensive understanding of manual settings, Live View Control permits simple image controls which include brightness, colour or tone to be changed manually to match a desired outcome. Each and every adjustment is displayed live on the LCD screen, permitting the different effects to be previewed even though framing the subject, prior to image capture.

The Canon PowerShot A3300 IS presents a range of innovative approaches to take self-portraits, or assures the photographer can be element of the image. Intelligent Shutter with Face Detection Technology will allow users to trigger the shutter release with a smile, a wink or merely right after the camera detects an added face entering the frame.

A new Discreet mode is also ideal for shooting in quiet locations exactly where flash photography is just not permitted, which include during ceremonies or inside museums, permitting users to carry on shooting by disabling all camera sounds, the focus help lamp and the flash. Owners of the Canon PowerShot A3300 IS will also receive automatic membership towards the Canon iMAGE Gateway, with 2GB of no cost, secure, on line space to upload and share favourite images and video.

Nikon S8100 Review

Nikon features publicised CoolPix S8100 with a 12. 1 mega pixel zoom lens as well as being able of recording 1080p HIGH-DEFINITION video like DSLR camera. The megazoom camera coming from Nikon presents superb performance for the duration of nights by using backside-illuminated CMOS sensor.

Nikon Coolpix S8100 empowers customers by using considerable effectiveness plus photo good quality, although remaining sophisticated and compact. Pre-loaded with the 10x Optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens (30-300mm, 35mm equivalent), the Coolpix S8100 will allow the user for getting close to the actions, even when recording the video clip in Full HD (1080p).

To the family movie producer, the Nikon S8100 attributes one-touch recording, optical zoom and also stereo sound recording although filming to get an increased customer experience. Also, customers may perfect their own videos in-camera using a new editing functionality or perhaps take still images when recording.

To help end user along the way of composing and sharing shots and videos, the COOLPIX S8100 offers any THREE. 0-inch ultra high resolution (921, 000-dot) Clear Color Display which includes a wide viewing angle and also anti-glare layer. More functions inside the S8100 contain 17 picture settings, like the Scene Auto Selector, which will automatically recognizes the capturing situation and adjusts camera adjustments accordingly to get superb photos around any environment.

There are not so many alternative settings and switches (just 13 in total) on the Coolpix S8100, reflecting the fact that this is a point and shoot camera without having manual controls. On top of the camera is the pop-up flash, left and right stereo system sounds mics, tiny recessed On/Off press button, shutter release press button and tactile push/pull focus lever.

To get highly speedy motion shots, the Nikon S8100’s Sports Continuous mode records as much as approximately 120 fps. Having Subject Tracking, the Nikon Coolpix S8100 automatically tracks a given subject by activating autofocus (AF), which allows the consumer to catch the best moment with certainty. Nikon’s exclusive EXPEED C2 image processing engine, is obtained that is customized to every Coolpix type to help push enhanced efficiency, excellent image good quality and HIGH DEFINITION video.

That's what exactly the Canon EOS 60D Review may be for. It's meant to offer customers the ability to find out information and attributes related to a digicam. You may clear your mind and finally help to make the suitable option and get the best deals of Coolpix S8100 Price.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Canon SX30 Its Hot Digital Camera

The Canon SX30 IS digital camera is a good device supplying you with more than enough functions to be able to maximize your picture getting possible with regards to creative imagination.

The Canon SX30 IS sports a 35X optical zoom, a 4X digital zoom, a FOURTEEN. 1 CCD sensor, a 24mm wide angled lens, and amazing improvements with the Canon SX20IS. The SX30IS unifies impressive optics with better technologies so that photographers all around you are given usage of a superior camera to get creative endeavors of all kinds.

The Canon SX30IS is an EVF camera with a max resolution similar to 4320p x 3240p. This device has a CCD sensor inside, an image rate of SIXTEEN to 9 or FOUR to THREE, and also an ISO setting range in between 80 and 1600. You obtain manual focus includes with the SX30IS digital camera, a superb macro and also micro focus range, several different white balance options, an awesome shutter rate, and a superior flash range with the SX30IS digital camera as well. This device features popular shoe alternative flash choices, and it comes with fill in, slow sync, red eye, on/off, and automated flash modes.

The Canon SX30IS Camera can easily record subjects located at the quite far distance; however, besides a very good zoom lens it can often be tricky to be able to track a moving subject when zoomed out to the optimum telephoto range and looking to steady the camera. To reverse this problem, Canon made the Zoom Framing Assist functionality.

The Canon Powershot SX30IS increases the end user inventive flexibleness, different capabilities, and plenty of customizable functions. This camera incorporates everything from Hot Shoe in order to special photo influences, and the buyer are not able to beat the price. When using the Powershot SX30IS an adept or neophyte photographer can record excellent movies and pictures all the time; one certainly not must be worried about losing excellent chances to record ideal stills and movie clips again. The Canon SX30IS possesses outstanding technologies inside, the camera is long lasting, and the device has a fantastic assortment of functions and capabilities.

The Canon SX30IS is also designed with a protection FE, face recognition compensation performs, and also the LCD monitor displays as many as 202K dots. The camera offers flexible lighting features, it has a USB 2. 0 high speed connection, also it possesses an AV output as well. This camera works together several various memory storage equipment too, such as HCMMCplus cards, MMC cards, MMCplus cards, SDXC cards, SDHC cards, SD cards, and SDHC cards.

The superb easily portable of this device can make it a great value choice for consumers which can be always on the move, traveling, and also for those that would like a camera or recorder for awesome wherever they go.

That's just what the Canon SX30IS Review may be for. It's supposed to allow people the power to find out info and attributes about a camera. You are able to clear your mind and lastly help to make the right choice and Get the Best of Canon SX30IS Price.

Nikon D3000 Perfect DSLR Camera For The Beginner ?

Nikon D3000 is a good option for those who are want to use a dslr camera to take pictures with a very good outcome..

Not simply is quite simple to use, price D3000 Nikon is also very affordable to get a digital camera to be able to photograph the particular wonderful results..

Nikon D3000 is normally Nikon newbie / entry level camera.. It replaces Nikon D60. There are three major upgrade of D3000 Nikon from D60.

There can be 11 Auto focus method with dynamic checking and 3D monitoring.. This AF system is the same as Nikon mid-range/enthusiast camera, D90. Also, the LCD screen has been enlarged that will 3 inches with a pair of..5 inches.

Who should buy this product:

  • Nikon d3000 price. People who are like photography
  • People who are beginners in photography
  • People who want a DSLR camera that is easy to use with wonderful results. They can use d3000 nikon with easy and fun.
  • People that want a DSLR camera in accordance with its budget.. Nikon D3000 price is very reasonably priced..
Some things you might want to know if you, like me, are new to DSLRs:
  • Everything you need is in the box (flash, lens, camera body, camera strap, manual, etc.) -except- for a memory card. You'll need to get a great SD or perhaps SHDC credit card to use with your camera.. These are quite affordable. Of course, you may WANT more lens, and many others.., later, but the kit contact lens is very nice, and will be offering a decent amount regarding overall flexibility. I would suggest, however, get a lens filter to help protect the lens,
  • The D3000 comes with a "Guide" -- it helps you choose what effect you're looking for (freeze motion, blur background, etc.) and after that makes it possible to select the ideal configurations.. However actually simply upon "auto" function, it requires several truly amazing images.
  • Even while a somewhat small DSLR, it really is definitely greater and also more substantial than most point-and-shoots.. The wasn't a big issue to me, as i mostly plan to use it from home, but if you want an item you can stick in your pocket sized, a good DSLR may not be for you.. (I plan to keep my old point-and-shoot for a backup for times when I want something I can just stow in my purse..)
  • The Nikon DSLR D3000 does not have "Live View," where you can frame your shot in the LCD screen. I was a little concerned about this at first, but surprisingly, I've found that I really don't miss it at all. It also doesn't need video mode (which I find I don't miss, either, because I've always hated taking videos with a camera.! They come out many shaky for me..)