Friday, March 25, 2011

Sony HDR FX1000 Make A Nice Video

Sony HDR FX1000 is the latest camcorder type manufactured by Sony Corporation. With a variety of interesting features, users can make videos for special events easily, unlike along time ago the user was dominated by professionals and filmmakers only.

The term camcorders is the unity camera and video recorder.Camcorder are minimalist and compact, plus features and functions that are easy to operate so that users can create videos that profesional do.How to make nice video :

First, Use a tripod to keep the stability of the camcorder so that it can produce nice video. Even though the camcorder has a built-in image stabilization.

Second, Use enough hdr fx1000 light, especially when recording indoors, for example by opening the windows, turn on the lights, and use the built-in light on the camcorder. take natural light if recording outdoors. when the sun is not too high, It Should be done in the morning or late afternoon.

Third, adjust the composition before recording, note the position of the subject and background, whether already in accordance with the desire. make a record as well as being photographed. use The Rule of Thirds for guiding. Imagine the screen is divided into vertical field and three horizontal. Make sure the subject which will be recorded at one of the four crossing point between the horizontal and vertical lines. This will create a more dynamic appearance, especially when we record a video interview or doing close-up.

Fourth, one mistakes, video is recorded too long time or too fast. Record your subjects for 10-20 seconds, stop and take another photo. When doing panning and zooming, do it smooth, slowly and unhumed. a video viewing will be created.

Fifth, the Video Recordings Video should be a good story must have a complete story line, that is an opening, contents and cover. t should go before making a recording,make a plan whal will be done in the form of a simple storyboard.

Take care of the camcorder Sony HDR FX1000 regularly.Clean lens and a screen with a special soft cloth. Avoid from, heat,water, sand and moist air. And place it in a safe place to keep from falling. If damaged, immediately fixed hdr fx 1000 in formal repair services.

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