Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review Sony Handycam HDR-FX1000 Camcorder

Camcorder is designed recorder . Camcorder vieo camera once more compact and minimalist, plus features and functions that are easy to operate so that users can create videos that profesional. Sony HDR FX1000 Camcorder is the newest type manufactured by Sony Corporation.

Sony HDR FX1000 is equipped with several facilities for active videographer. Besides the LCD, there is an electronic viewfinder with 0.45-inch pixel resolution of 1.227 million. Audio feature does not mean large. There is a built-in stereo mic, a single stereo input 1/8th-inch, cold accessory shoe, and some external audio controls. In particular, there is no audio input XLR.

FX100 is a handheld design, not the shoulder-mounted. This may be enough to deter some users from the beginning, especially pros who need the stability and comfort of a larger body. Even for those shooters, FX1000 could prove valuable as a camera-B or to get a unique angle shoulder of the mountain can not be (a nice 3.2-inch, 921 000-pixel LCD works well for that very purpose). For them stepped into the class of professional equipment for the first time, be prepared for significant weight FX1000 (4 pounds, 9 ounces).

Resolution video in bright light, but good enough and outperformed the Canon XL H1A. In low light, noise and color of the best performances. Sensitivity (the amount of light needed to image the light) is not useful. In bright light, good color accuracy score, but not outstanding. We saw some oversaturation in the green and red and magentas. Noise level is also good, although there was some disappointment in the fact that the FX1000 offers noise reduction there is no manual control to prevent it off.

If you are researching the Camcorder, you might also consider step-up Sony HVR-Z5U. With a similar construction, the Z5U has an audio option is more professional and fine tuning the orientation manual control. One important upgrade is that the sensor, while the same measure 1/3-inch, the original progressive CMOS chip in Z5U. Other comparisons camcorders including Canon XL H1A and H1A XH, shoulder-mounted and handheld HDV camcorder from Canon, respectively. Our test of the XL H1A showed better performance in most areas, with the FX1000 taking the best in the resolution.

Overall, the HDR FX 1000 is a good camcorder for student film-makers, a serious enthusiast, or pro cam takes a serious budget. For what it lacks in the audio options, it makes for a solid array of manual controls and measures the relative comparative.

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