Thursday, June 23, 2011

Travel Photography

There may be nothing new under the sun, but that never stopped people from travelling. The appeal of going some place new draws adventurers around the globe and at the top of their pack-list is usually a camera. Taking photos is, for most people, a way to record memories and to share experiences with friends and family. The invention of digital camera has brought a new dimension to travel photography, it allow to take quality photography without taking all those heavy equipments that too without sending huge amount for the camera and accessories.

Point and shoot camera are convenient to carry while you are travelling but to take professional quality you can opt for a Digital SLR camera. Digital SLR cameras can be more costly and heavy but you have the advantage of great photography experience with it since it includes lot of features and flexibility. The photographic experience you are going to have is entirely different with a digital SLR because it have better quality and resolution the photographs will be of more quality so that you can use it many more coming days. One of the greatest disadvantage of Digital SLR camera is that it is heavy so you will find it a bit difficult to carry. The weight and cost are the two factor that decides whether you need a point and shoot camera or a digital SLR camera.At the consumer level there are many great choices for digital SLRs. Luckily for travellers there are compact versions of DSLRs, such as the Canon Rebel series, that still offer many of the features of full-size cameras. Digital SLR’s are more suitable for travel photography with some accessories like lenses and zoom. Adventurers can take high quality photos without breaking the bank or having to carry too much extra gear.

Digital SLR cameras allow users to change lenses. There are many type of lenses for varying purposes but you cannot all types of lenses while you are travelling with Digital SLR’s you need not carry all of them. Digital SLR’s offer more choices for a traveller so that you can travel with less weight. There are different types of lenses that can serve most of your photographic needs, lenses are available for 18 to 200mm. Of course there is a downside to cramming so much range into one lens. Image quality with an 18-200mm lens in most cases will not be as good as using a few separate lenses. Once again travellers need to weigh the options for their given situation.

With the digital age, photographers have the advantage of being able to take as many photos as they please. As long as a photographer has enough memory card space and battery power, there is no limit to the number of photos. There are also some disadvantages associated with digital camera. Travellers may become overwhelmed with the number of photos to weed through, and perhaps edit, upon returning from a trip. A good practice for travel photographers is to edit photos on the go. At the end of each day, travellers should review their photos while they are fresh in their minds. They can delete any duplicates or unnecessary photos immediately. This will save a lot of work upon returning home from vacation.

How romantic it seems when you are on tour with your partner right after your wedding ceremony! You can make this tour more happening by making use of wedding photography tipswhich will add to the sweetness of your relation with every passing year. But make sure to take your digital camera along with you to capture few more chocolaty moments of your life.

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