Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fujifilm X100 A Camera With Groundbreaking Technology

Whether you are a professional camera man or perhaps a keen photographer there are many elements which you need to take into consideration when go for purchasing a camera. The camera should combine all the latest functions of digital technologies in an aesthetically super chassis. Functionally the photographers should have easy manage more than the camera. More than all the pictures should ooze the clarity which brings perfect joy for photographers. Fujifilm finepix x100 camera combines all this.

The excellent View Finder with the camera

The technicians and the engineers worked perseveringly to make the Fujifilm X100 camera an easy choice for the photographers. Featuring unparallel hybrid viewfinder the camera integrates a prism for the 1,440,000dot LCD panel images on the viewing screen. For this integration the viewfinder of the camera not just shows each the shooting frame and information but also shots gaining the capability to switch in between optical and electronic view finder. It is just the “single touch” which has made it possible. The greater resolution LCD panels on the back with the camera assists the users a great deal to be ideal in the art of photography. The optical viewfinder mode of Fujifilm finepix x 100 is automatically adjusted based on the brightness of the surrounding scene. It also views info of shooting which enables the photographers to preview and confirm the setting of exposure and depth-of -field effects.The making of the digital camera

The making with the camera is so distinctive that the photographers get simple access to the camera. The user can operate the camera by accessing to the camera conveniently with out worrying a lot about the adjustments. With minimum hassles and effort the photographers get good results in photography. The chassis with the camera is made of semi solid metal casting. Without taking your eye off the viewfinder the photographer can swing between the OVF and EVF mode. The aperture with the camera could be set very easily via lens ring. The optical technology of the Finepix X100 satisfies those that prefer absolutely nothing but excellence. The latest improvement in innovating high performance lens functions wonder for the photographers. The focal length of 23mm lens captures a wide range of subjects without distorting the high resolution and optical clarity. The big F2 aperture and 9-blade aperture diaphragm deliver sufficient brightness and contrast. The built-in ND filter using the 9-blade aperture diaphragm and also the semi spherical lens has distinguished the camera as unique. The camera is a compact one for its non-collapsible minimized lens structure. The lens of Fujifilm finepix x 100 allows macro shots from a distance of only 10cm and also the photographers appreciate freedom of creativeness exploring the energy of macro photography with striking close up. Taking complete benefit with the F2 aperture Fujifilm x100 can capture the subject bigger than the life size.

The EXR processor with the camera contributes to the high quality of super fine image high quality of the fujifilm finepix x 100.The enhanced processor of the camera functions wide dynamic range of technology which offers high resolution and high sensitivity sensor. The entire improvement with the EXR processor has offered the camera an important lift producing increasingly more reproductive image.

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