Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kodak PlaySport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera Review

If you do not want to carry a heavy HD video camera around while you go on holiday then this May be the perfect alternativa.Kodak PlaySport (ZX3) Waterproof HD pocket video camera is very light cameras to be around. You can hold it with one hand, and it pretty much feels like taking a video with a normal mobile phone, but video quality is so much better.
With Kodak PlaySport (ZX3) Waterproof HD pocket video camera, you can get a full 1080p HD quality video. It's pretty amazing if you consider the fact that small Kodak PLAYSPORT said. You are not going to find many other similar products that offer the same features as PLAYSPORT. As it is waterproof, you can use this camera video recordings under vodom.Vodootporna effect for up to 10 meters under water, so it's more than enough when you go snorkeling or casual swimming.
As the video camera comes with a viewfinder, you will need a clear LCD screen to see what they snimanje.Kodak PlaySport (ZX3) HD Waterproof pocket camera comes with a vibrant two-inch LCD screen. This May sound quite small, but large enough to see clearly capture images.
You can also download photos from Kodak PLAYSPORT, but you're probably better off using a proper digital camera if you want high quality photographs. PLAYSPORT addition, you can take pictures that are of the highest quality five mega pixels. You can even 16:9 widescreen image with this light video camera.
With such a small light and camera, which is expected to be quite fragile. This is not slučaj.Kodak PLAYSPORT is made of durable material, so it will not crack, even if it falls out of your reach. It is very safe to use in all types Adventure Trips, whether that will include mountain biking, kayaking, or even a canyon run.
So what are customers have to say about Kodak PLAYSPORT? One client, who is a die hard Canon fan, commented that there are Canon products that can be compared with great opportunities and features of the Kodak camera video. If you are searching hard for a video camera, which is mainly used for recreational purposes then you are not going to find one that performs better than this camera model.

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