Saturday, March 19, 2011

FinePix Real 3D W3 Takes 3D Photography And Movies To New Heights

In the past, to produce 3D images, we need a professional photography device, which in addition to expensive, it is also relatively complicated. Previously, the 3D system has a bad image quality and the relatively complex user experience, plus the need for special 3D glasses. Now, Fujifilm has a way to sell more digital cameras: making a point-to-shoot 3D digital camera. This is very interesting even for those who already have a digital camera in 2D and want a new photo experience.

FinePix Real 3D W3 produces very clear, perfect 3D images with good depth. The 3.5 inch screen on the back is very high resolution (1.15 million pixels) and displays 3D without the need for glasses. The screen is suitable for viewing 3D and can display a nice 3D "pop out the screen" effect if you compose the shot correctly. Everyone that has seen FinePix 3D W3 display is amazed at the quality and 3D effect. There is nothing on the market to compare with this Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 at the moment.

Videos are stored in resolution up to 720 pixels in 3D or 2D movies. They look sharp and clear. The photos can be onverted to put into Youtube 3D very easily using the FinePix Studio software that comes with the camera. Youtube 3D allows people watch your videos in various 3D formats, with or without 3D glasses.

Once you get used with the camera a bit you'll learn how to get the most of the 3D effect. Taking photos of things that are further away (such as landscapes, distant architecture / buildings where it's difficult to get a sense of depth), the effect is more subtle and less apparent. But taking photos of things that are reasonably close to you, and there are points of interest at different distances throughout the shot (such as a forest with trees at staggered distances away), the 3D effect is much more apparent and can be quite stunning. Either way, with a subtle 3D effect for things further away, or for a much more apparent 3D effect on things that are closer, it really does add another dimension to your photography. You see things in the photos almost the way you do in real life.

As many people have stated, the 3D ability is excellent. The screen is large and bright and the controls are easy to learn. It worked perfectly if you put the main object about 4-8 feet and then one or two more rows of depth behind. It works well when shooting down on something.

2D and 3D at the same time! When you take an image, you get both a regular JPG and a 3D (MPO) format at the same time. While it is possible to turn this to save space on your memory card. It is invaluable to use to find a specific image (2D and 3D will have the same name with different extensions).

Overall, Fujifilm W3 is a well-engineered 3D camera that feels solid and looks good. Thanks to the built-in electronics, taking pictures is a breeze, though one needs to get used to the 'rules' for producing proper headache-free 3D pictures. Basically, objects should not be too close, and foreground must be centered in the picture. Also 3D only works in landscape mode. The FinePix includes a good tutorial to get started.

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