Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nikon D3000 Best Price

Have you been looking for a camera at the best prices on the market? indeed many cameras on the market, we can choose according to our needs.

But look for the best price with quality goods at best quite difficult to get.
Moreover, if the camera than in terms of price also features advanced features into consideration.

I find that the price is quite good with the advanced features found only in cameras Nikon D3000.

Nikon D3000 Best price for beginners fotograpi lovers, besides the low price in getting feature is perfect.

This is one of most best DSLR Camera for photographer, especially beginners in photography.

>> The DLSR Camera Like This tend to SELL OUT VERY QUICKLY <<
If this is MUST HAVE gift, be sure to order now to avoid disappointment.

I am sure there is no perfect camera with features such as Nikon D3000, but with the best price.
I've done a search on the internet, and the Nikon D 3000 as the best option, feature the best prices

Guide Mode

Nikon's Guide mode is a tutor for absolute beginner. It does a good job on helping you to set up the camera and also help you to get the best setting for particular kind of photography. For example, when you choose sports mode, it suggest you to set high shutter speed to eliminate motion blur.

Guide mode is basically a super duper friendly menu that consists of three major options: Shooting, playback and camera setup. Shooting menu (the most important of all), divided into two, easy operation and advanced operation.

Easy operation consists of Auto, no flash, distant subjects, sleeping faces (children), moving subjects, landscapes, portrait, and night portrait.

Advanced operation consists of soften background, freeze motion (people) and freeze motion (vehicle). Unlike the usual mode, Guide mode explains to you what kind of setting is important for particular kind of photography, so you can gain insight and knowledge of basic photography concept.

However, keep in mind that although his guide menu is very helpful, but it does not replace basic photography course or seminar.

Auto Focus and Continuous burst

The new 11 AF points are miles better than old 3 points AF system. It helps a lot in composition and fortunately, it also comes with dynamic tracking and 3D tracking which is great for moving objects and sports. The auto focus is very fast and responsive. However, D3000 has only 3 frame per second, so you might miss some shots when shooting sports or fast moving objects.

What's in the Box

18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Quick Charger, Eyepiece Cap, Rubber Eyecup, USB Cable, Camera Strap, Body Cap, Accessory Shoe Cover, Software Suite CD-ROM

Where to Buy D3000 Nikon

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