Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nikon D7000 Review

Nikon D7000 Review comes not only from professional photographers, but also from ordinary users, such as Fenaj who said :

"I'm still exploring all the possibilites"

I love my camera, which I purchased with the kit lens. (I upgraded from a D60.) Though bigger, the D7000 Nikon does not feel too heavy or too big.

Though there are more buttons, bells & whistles, there are not too many! They are so handy and easy to use, I am making better use of the functionality of this camera than my last camera.

I did buy a book (D7000 from Snapshots to Great Shots) and have been going through it systematically and that has helped a great deal. I have found it performs well in low light, live view is handy and fun to use and my Sigma zoom 70-300mm lens works beautifully with the camera. Another true advantage is the focus motor in the camera, rather than the lens, so I will be able to buy a nice 35mm or 50mm fixed lens for less and still have auto-focus.

From the consumer reviews on Nikon D7000 can be seen how very satisfying consumers.

This is one of most requested and top choice 2011 for professional photographers and every person especially for brought to traveling.
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Please Read Again Nikon D7000 Review from Customer :

Another brilliant DSLR by Nikon
By Mr J Williams on December 5, 2010
Hugely customisable, shoots 1080p video, amazing quality photos and easy to use - a very much needed upgrade.

The good:
- Really great looking camera, solid build, massive 3" LCD screen on the back
- the D7000 manages to fit all the necessary dials and buttons onto a relatively small and light body and they are all exactly where you need them to be
- 1080p video at 30fps, with face and subject tracking
- Live View mode on the LCD for both pics and video
- The option to attach an external stereo mic
- Amazing low-light functionality, even at very high ISO levels there is little noise on the image
- Two SD card slots

The bad:
- The auto-focus on the video isn't very quick
- If you use the in-built mic, rather than an external one, the noise of the AF is very obvious when you playback the video

The D7000 is brilliant, versatile, sturdy, customisable, fast, looks great, all for a very fair price. Not the best camera for shooting video by any means but if you are patient (or spend some serious dough on the necessary accessories) the 1080p video can turn out great.

Where to Buy Nikon D7000

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