Friday, May 27, 2011

Nikon D3100 Forget All the Others

First impression:
I have tried Nikon d40, d5000, d90, canon xsi, and canon 40d. I would say d90 and d40 are the only two cameras comparable to this. when I received the camera,the kit lens is too tight to auto focus. I called up and asked a replacement.

Even for this, I still give it 5 stars as it is the problem with the kit lens. before the replacement, I tried it on 55-200mm vr. I found I can easily pull out super quality pictures from Nikon D3100 without tweaking settings. Nikon D3100 gives me the d40 feeling. I did not see this from other cameras that I tried, especially the canon peers.

Nikon D3100 will make you shoot like a pro if you get some basic knowledge on how to compose your frame. Although it is an entry level camera, it produce as good if not better pictures from its expensive brothers. Unless you have a specific goal and purpose that you need its heavy brothers d90 or d7000, you should definitely go for this, as well as 50-200mm VRlens, then you are all set. I have a gut feeling this will become another legendary entry DSLR like d40.

Color tone: Besides the super image quality, the color tone is more on the cold side while d40 is more on the warm side. The color is less saturated then d40 either. This is really personal taste. For me, I prefer warmer color and a little more saturation.

So if you want warmer and more saturated pictures, please follow Ken Rockwell's tips
Shooting menu->standard>+2 Saturation>OK (used for people)
Shooting menu->Vivid>+3 Saturation>OK (use for places and things)
Shooting menu->White balance->Auto->click right to A3->OK

Focus: focus very fast

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