Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nikon D5100 First-Time DSLR Owner

I got my Nikon D5100 with 18-55mm lens kit last night. I had previously tried the D3100 and returned it after having a little trouble focusing through live view (saw this also on a D5000) as well as not liking the quality and non-rotation of the display panel. I read much of the pre-release hype and hoped that this would be the one. The early pro reviews seem to indicate that you will be happier with a jump to Nikon D5100 if you can afford it and I agree.

I've had less than a day so far with it and I'm loving this one. I instantly felt comforable with it in my hand. It comes with a printed manual and pdf which is nice. I had a blast this morning shooting birds w/ the Nikkor 70-300 lens. I was surprised that I could even get some crisp, clear in-flight pictures. The whole rig just feels comfortable and the quality and rapid action of the sports mode are great for animal pics.

All of the pieces and software have worked right out of the box.

Very happy so far. I'm not a pro photographer but want to learn and this seems like a great match. Has many auto and manual modes.

I put some of my images from the first day up in the View and Share images section of this product page.

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