Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Canon Powershot SX130IS The Favorite Camera With The Best Features

By means of excellence engineering and decades of leadership in optics solutions, Canon has made a wide-angle lens that magnifies to an astonishing 12x. you should love how the SX130's amazing wide-angle 12x optical zoom gets you up close fast and puts alot more graphic into each frame. And Canon's Optical Image Stabilizer manages camera move to be sure that all through the zoom selection, your shots are steady and crystal clear.

The PowerShot SX130IS is set up using several of the options: an ultra-powerful zoom, eye-popping resolution and even advanced picture-improving technology. 12. 1 Megapixels of resolution offers your photography incomparable depth and makes sure that any section of any shot can be bigger and cropped with no loss in good when you edit the picture even if you select to print the graphicNow come by using an graphic stabilizer, a product that makes up for handheld camera move. You should love how the Canon SX130IS is powerful wide-angle 12x optical zoom will get you up close fast and puts more picture into each frame. And Canon's Optical Image Stabilizer manages camera move to make sure that throughout the zoom selection, your pictures are constant and crystal clear.

In addition to being able to automatically set exposure, digital cameras automatically adjust the focus of the lens with autofocus features. Smart Flash Exposure on Canon Powershot SX130IS is a technology that uses the proper flash by analyzing a wide range of lighting conditions, and helps ensure against over or underexposed images. The detail and color of your photo remain intact and truer to life even in challenging lighting.

One of the favorite features in Canon Powershot SX130IS is Fisheye lenses. Their quirky, convex viewpoint offers a fun artistic punch to shots of kids, pets and more. The Powershot SX130 IS produces a Fisheye Effect with no the need to add a specific lens. Just quickly switch on the mode, select from three levels (low, medium and high) and shoot!

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