Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Canon 7D Review

Image Quality from canon 7D camera is amazing, I'll put up some pictures once it stops raining where I live. Detail is very good, and the 28-135 lens accommodates this cameras ability very nicely, however, starting off at 28mm will probably be too long for most people in everyday situations such as those for street photographers. Picking up a 17-55 2.8 lens will probably be highly recommended by many.

ISO performance. Now here is where many have a bone to pick. I am not afraid to use high ISO as my prints rarely go beyond 11x14. More than often I found myself using nothing higher than ISO 1600 on my girlfriend's 500D/T1i. With the 7D I feel very comfortable using 3200 with about ISO 4000 being my cut off point, that's where the trade offs between detail and noise will become apparent and start to bother me.

Autofocusing, now I've read some issues about the 7D's new focusing system such as softness from auto zone focusing and I am also getting some mixed results with that as well, some images ranging from very soft to some being as sharp as single AF select. I will update later as I take it out for more situations. However, with that being said, the camera's autofocusing with the 28-135mm lens is very quiet, very fast and accurate for the most part especially with using the cameras single AF select mode.The kit lens The kit lens is well built and very high from corner to corner. purple fringing is not really a problem in my photos. Field of view is a kind of narrow self. The goal starts with 44.8mm 7D by 1.6 field of view crop factor taken into account. Without a wide angle, this is not a perfect lens around, but I think it's worth the extra money for the kit with this lens. You end up being a beautiful, ultrasonic motor, image stabilization, 4.8 x lens for a minimal price.

Canon EOS 7D is Canon's latest semi-pro / amateur digital SLR camera, and competes mainly with Nikon D300S recently updated. It 's a great camera that excels in image quality, the inclusion of control, speed, and are looking for size and scope.

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