Monday, July 25, 2011

Postcard From The Spanish Village Of Maro (Final Installment)

There is a bus service to Maro from Nerja several times per day, or the regular caverns bus will drop you on the main road. In the centre of the community is a town square (Balcon de Maro) where one can wind down as well as watch the world go by along with a ruined fortification plus a cafe. If you want to call taxis later this particular bar doesn't have a telephone, nevertheless a local will more than likely telephone one for you.

The 2km approach to the coast is not difficult to follow, but the very last part is a little steep so attention really needs to be taken.Starting out from the Balcon de Maro, step all the way down the side of the ruined castle to join the small route at the end, turn right and following a small distance take a lane on the right. The lane passes via agricultural terrain. Turn right in between 2 greenhouses directly onto a different road and follow it up to a chain where some folk park. The way forwards takes you right down to the beach.

This along with strolls are explained in the pamphlet The Sierra of Nerja and The Cliffs of Maro which are available from Nerja Tourist Info Office. Although I've not actually been to them myself personally, I am certain that even further East, beyond the primary Maro shore, Playa de las Alberquillas (Alberquillas beach) and Calas del Pino (Pine Coves) are frequented by naturists.

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