Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kodak EasyShare Z980 12MP Digital Camera

List Price:$399.00
You Save:$4.01 (1%)

Best Review From Consumer :

First off, Kodak EasyShare Z980 quality of the photos I have taken are excellent which is what a still camera should be capable of. The pictures have rich vivid colors and are real eye catchers.

It has plenty of nice features and the zoom works very well. It is pretty easy to use, has a nice large LCD screen and has a hot shoe, grip accessory and extra shoot button for upright photo taking.

This Best-Selling Camera tend to SELL OUT VERY FAST!!
If this is a MUST HAVE Camera, be sure to order now to avoid disappointment.

The quality of the HD video is better than expected but I am very disappointed no AV cable to hook up to your TV is included (a call to Kodak revealed that it is not even available as an accessory)

The camera itself seems fairly well made, but as others have notes, the battery compartment door feel flimsy though it has three locking metal tabs inside which should support it.

I noticed a slight noise coming from the camera, Kodak's live help informed me this is normal on "continuous" AF setting. I put it on a different setting and it went away. Kodak assured me this is normal.
Also the digital zoom is not available on Smart Capture setting (same for some menu settings)
The lens cover appeared to be loose fitting at first glance but it seems to be designed this way to prevent damage to the zoom when switching the camera on.
I charged the batteries before using it the first time and now about 150 shots later it still has plenty of charge.
I am pleased enough to have decided to replace my DSLR with this because I am fed up with carting all my bulky equipment around and this will suffice for pretty much all my needs.
The included software is bare bones, I prefer to use Photoshop Elements,

My Pro's
Excellent picture quality
Fantastic zoom
Nice upright grip and side shoot button.
Very good HD video
Good low light capabilities
Easy to use.

My Beef's
No AV to TV cable!!!!! and nothing available (per Kodak)
16 hours to charge batteries! ( better is available on their web-site for more bucks, and, no doubt, in any big box store, but make sure you buy the right batteries!)
Cheap neck strap (The real thing is about $20 on their web-site, what a nerve!)
Lack of decent manual

The only major "Con" for me is the lack of AV to TV cable but there way more pluses than minuses. I will update this review as I see fit.
Bottom line, you get great photos, it's easy to use, great video and super zoom in an all in one camera. The bonus hot-shoe and side grip/shoot button are icing on the cake.
If you want plenty of features in an easy to use camera, this would be a good candidate for you.

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